Woman’s Handknit Vest Size Medium


This woman’s hand-knitted orange striped vest has many different shades of orange with accents of green and gold colors.  There are four gold-toned buttons–each one different from the others.  This vest can be worn with jeans, as shown, or with more formal attire for a special occasion.

  • Only one made and one available
  • Over 30 yarns
  • Dry clean only

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This orange striped vest is made from dozens of different yarns such as wool, mohair, acrylic, viscose, polyester, cotton, silk, nylon, acetate, and lurex.  Some of the over 30 yarns are made of ribbons and some have narrow threads, and there are four gold-tone buttons–each one is different from the others.

  • Only one made and one available
  • Dry clean only
  • Over 30 different yarns


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