Dinosaur T-Shirt, Size 4T


This dinosaur T-shirt is an original design featuring the outline of brachiosaurus dinosaur on the front and the animal on the back.  The shirt is suitable for a boy or girl.

  • One-of-a-kind shirt
  • A unique item for a special boy or girl
  • Only one made and one available
  • Or custom order at [email protected]

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This T-shirt, suitable for a boy or girl, has the outline of a dinosaur on the front of the shirt and the dinosaur on the back.  The shirt is 100% cotton while the dinosaur is 100% cotton flannel.  The flannel is a deep red with a design of swirls on it.

  • Machine wash with like colors
  • Dry on medium setting
  • Do NOT bleach
  • An original design


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