You can get a unique, handmade little girls dress for any holiday, birthday, or special occasion. Since all the dresses I make are custom created, and no two are alike, I decided to write an article about how to order one. I’ll also include a little bit of history about my business and how it started.

Custom dress preferences

I’ve been collecting fabric scraps for over 30 years. I buy in small amounts, and, therefore, I have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Take a look at the fabric from the dresses I have listed for sale on my website, and choose that for part of your dress. Pick a color scheme, like blue and yellow, or a pattern theme, like flowers, birds or cats.

For any holiday, I have a wide variety of fabrics that go well with each time of year. You could request a little girls Christmas dress or a white cotton little girls dress for the winter holidays. I also have other holiday options available, like 4th of July little girls dresses, Halloween dresses, and cotton baby girl dresses.

Before I complete your order, I check to make sure I have enough of the fabrics you choose to make a custom dress. You could request, for instance, that you’d like a bow, stripes, green and yellow… the list goes on! With any questions about how to order, please contact me.

For the details of the dress, you’d have to give me a lot of free range. For instance, you could request a purple dress with a yellow skirt, but certain details would be dependant upon available fabric and supplies.

Dress sizes and styles

For sizing, I use the general sizes that are on clothing charts, and the dresses I make use standard sizes. You could order a cotton baby girls dress, or a little girl dress size 12m – 8 years.

The styles I offer are:

  • Scoop neck
  • Short sleeve with full skirt
  • No sleeves
  • Sleeve with ruffles
  • Culotte dress
  • Ruffles, trims, bows
  • Dressy little girls dresses
  • And more

For ideas of what types of dresses I have made in the past, check out the other dresses on my website. I can also focus on something that’s a normal style in a dress, if you have an idea you’ve found elsewhere.

Holiday dresses

Ordering a dress for the holidays or as a gift can bring fun to any seasonal or special day. Patterns for holiday dresses can include fireworks or a turkey. For instance, Christmas dresses can have red or green elements. Other holidays that I make dresses for are:

  • Halloween
  • 4th of July
  • Valentines Day
  • Easter
  • Kwanzaa
  • Passover
  • Hanukkah
  • Other religious holidays
  • Birthdays

A bit of history

The idea for my shop started with making quilts. Quilts are parts of different fabrics put together in a pleasing pattern. I started making blouses for myself and table runners out of the fabrics, too. I used what I considered pleasing combinations of colors and designs, and I put them together in a different form.

Over time I started making children’s dresses and clothes for others, and turned it into a little girls dress boutique. I also include table linens, wall hangings, womens clothing, and boys shirts as well.

I now create dresses and other handmade fabric items for holidays, a change of seasons, or just for fun.

I look forward to creating a custom dress for you based on your own design and style preferences! Please contact me with any questions at 973-902-2240 or click on [email protected].